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“Each and every one of us totally depends on the four or five inches of topsoil around the globe for our very existence. Remember if we don’t have rich fertile soil, we won’t have good food and we won’t have clean water.”
– Darina Allen Ballymaloe Cookery School

Ireland’s Soils Need Your Help 

In Ireland, we’re heading towards major problems with our soils. If we don’t act now we place the future of Irish food production in jeopardy. If we continue to mismanage our soils we will face increased flooding, water contamination, food contamination and ever reducing yields in farming.

Soils are the most fundamental natural resource on the planet. Before soil formed there was no life on land. A thin layer of topsoil supports all life on earth. Soil forms extremely slowly. It takes thousands of years to form just a few inches of topsoil. Soil is essentially non-renewable and yet we’re plundering it. We need a serious conservation effort.

  • 95% of our food production is directly dependent on soil fertility
  • Soils filter and clean water – polluted soils cause contamination in the water supply
  • Healthy soils absorb water and release it slowly – healthy soils reduce flooding
Yet, despite its incredible importance, our soils are not protected. In recent decades intensive agriculture and urbanisation have taken their toll.
Threats to our soils:
Land use changes
Erosion and overgrazing
Industry and urban sprawl
Declining Soil Fertility
Contamination of Food & Water Supply
Irish Food Production in Jeopardy
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While there are EU laws in place to protect our air, our water and our natural habitats, unbelievably, there are no such laws to protect our soil. People4Soil wants to change this.We are calling on the European Commission to pass a Soil Directive. This would safeguard Irish and European soils. We are doing this using a European Citizen’s Initiative petition – the official way for ordinary Europeans to call on the EC to take action. 

Crucially,  Ireland needs 8,250 signatures (1 million in total from 7 different EU States) in order for the petition to be passed.  

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