Press Release: Environmental Pillar calls for savings from Smoky coal ban to be re-invested in home insulation

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For immediate release  The Environmental Pillar welcomes Minister Alan Kelly’s announcement that the ban on smoky coal is to be extended nationwide. The Environmental Pillar has long campaigned for the nationwide implementation of this ban. Charles Stanley Smith, speaking for The Environmental Pillar said: “So far approximately 8,000 lives have been saved in Dublin since the introduction of the smoky coal ban …

adminPress Release: Environmental Pillar calls for savings from Smoky coal ban to be re-invested in home insulation

National Mitigation Plan submission July 2015

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The Environmental Pillar welcomes the opportunity to input into the draft National Mitigation Plan and looks forward to further input as the plan evolves. The Environmental Pillar strongly welcomes and supports the Ministers commitment to transition to a low carbon future. We anticipate that this will be implemented in a clear, directional robust national mitigation plan. The Environmental Pillar highlights …

adminNational Mitigation Plan submission July 2015

Budget Submission 2016

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This submission recommends ways of broadening the tax base and using the limited financial resources in a way that focuses on long term sustainability, whilst creating employment and stimulating the economy in the short term. Broadening the tax base can also reduce the complexity of the tax system, compliance costs and the costs of tax collection. In making this submission …

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Water Services Policy

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Ireland is facing an uncertain future in respect to its antiquated and dilapidated water services infrastructure. Much of our water and wastewater infrastructure dates back to the Victorian age with many aging and leaky water and sewerage pipes in addition to many of our inadequate drinking water and waste water treatment plants. This legacy leaves many areas subject to boil …

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Submission to Affordable Energy Consultation

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Fuel poverty is a question of the thermal efficiency of housing. In a market, generally the most inefficient housing will be occupied by those with the least purchasing power; whether as house-owners or as tenants. This is the case in Ireland. Therefore eliminating fuel poverty will require the thermal upgrade of the vast bulk of the current housing stock. Analysis …

adminSubmission to Affordable Energy Consultation