Better Europe Alliance response to European Commission 2017 Country Report for Ireland

As part of the annual European Semester process, the European Commission published its Country Reports on each EU Member State, including Ireland, in February 2017. The Country Reports present the Commission’s analysis of the economic, social and environmental policies of each country, as well as national progress in delivering on both the five agreed Europe 2020 targets and the Country Specific Recommendations issued by the Commission the previous year.
The Better Europe Alliance have analysed the Irish Country Report. This paper is part of the Alliance’s contribution to the debate and the policy development that flows from it, with the aim of ensuring a more just, inclusive and sustainable future for Ireland.
The Better Europe Alliance involves a range of social and equality NGOs, the Environmental Pillar and the SIPTU trade union. The overall objective of the Alliance is to strengthen progress towards the social and environmental goals of the Europe 2020 strategy and to improve the level of debate and engagement of all stakeholders in progressing the Europe 2020 Strategy and the European Semester. The Better Europe Alliance is coordinated by the European Ani-Poverty Network (EAPN) Ireland.
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