Brexit Briefing: level playing field for environment on the island of Ireland

The Environmental Pillar and Northern Ireland Environment Link, who together represent almost 100 environmental organisations from across the island of Ireland, are working together to draw attention to the cross-border environmental implications of Brexit – one of six key areas of cooperation outlined by the North-South Ministerial Council as established under the Good Friday Agreement.
The below document outlines a short briefing note from the two coalitions on the need for a level playing field for environmental standards on the island of Ireland post-Brexit. At a minimum, The forthcoming Political Declaration on the future EU-UK relationship should include:

  • A level playing field for environmental standards, based on a set of substantive rules anchored in EU law and covering core requirements in relation to, inter alia, nature protection, water quality, air quality, waste management and environmental assessment;
  • Clear commitments binding both parties with respect to mechanisms for the effective oversight and enforcement of environmental standards in their respective jurisdictions, including guarantees on access to environmental justice and a proper complaints mechanism for citizens and civil society organisations; and
  • An agreement on dispute settlement which covers all of the environment-related provisions, including legally binding decisions and sanctions in cases of non-compliance.

Full Document below (click for downloadable version)