Budget 2023: Proposals for a more sustainable, resilient and equitable Ireland

This year’s Budget takes place under the backdrop of war in Europe, a lingering global pandemic, a
cost of living crisis and of course the ongoing climate and biodiversity crisis. Each of these issues
present serious challenges to policy-makers, however, it should be acknowledged that underlying
these challenges is the fact that we are living beyond our ecological boundaries and that policy
solutions which ignore, or worse exacerbate, ecological pressures will ultimate fail to solve these
issues in the short term and fail to create a resilient, flourishing and fair society in the longer-term.

Achieving environmentally sustainable energy security, warmer homes and a sustainable food system
has never been more urgent. We need policies which work together to protect vulnerable households
from the cost of living rises while ensuring that our long-term goal of a sustainable and biodiversityrich Ireland are not compromised. In our pre-budget submission for 2023, the Environmental Pillar is
proposing a number of measures and policies which will help us reach this goal.

Read our full document here: EP Budget Proposals 2023

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