The Environmental Pillar opposes Department cuts to space for nature on farmland

IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Environmental Pillar is dismayed with a recent proposed change in Ireland’s CAP Strategic plan by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine to cut the space for nature requirement on Irish farms, from 5% to just 4% at a recent Common Agriculture Policy consultation meeting.The Department also proposes to further weaken […]

Budget 2022: Time for the Government to put its money where its mouth is

IMMEDIATE RELEASE  The Government must put its money where its mouth is in the upcoming 2022 National Budget in order to address our worsening climate and biodiversity crises.  This is the call from the Environmental Pillar, Ireland’s largest coalition of environmental groups, who have recommended a number of measures to confront these twin crises while […]

Food Vision 2030: another detrimental blueprint for agriculture

IMMEDIATE RELEASE  The newly published Food Vision 2030 Strategy is yet another detrimental blueprint for agriculture which regrettably takes its place amongst a series of failed policies for the sector.  This is the warning from the Environmental Pillar, Ireland’s leading coalition of environmental groups, who reluctantly withdrew from the industry-dominated Strategy (formerly known as the […]

The Agri-Food 2030 strategy must forge a path of transformation

IMMEDIATE RELEASE  The newly published Agri-Food 2030 Strategy must set us on a path of transformation for a diverse and resilient food system in line with planetary boundaries.  This is the call from the Environmental Pillar, Ireland’s leading coalition of environmental groups, who reluctantly left the Strategy’s Committee in February after reading a draft final […]

Ireland must meet the moment and halve its emissions over the next decade

IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Ireland must face the concrete challenge head-on of halving our emissions in the next ten years in order to meet the ambition laid out in this week’s revised Climate Bill, Ireland’s leading coalition of environmental groups has said.  The Environmental Pillar welcomed the Bill’s publication earlier this week and recognised it as a […]

The Environmental Pillar withdraws from the problematic 2030 Agri-Food Strategy Committee

IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Ireland’s leading coalition of environmental groups has reluctantly withdrawn from the Agri-Food 2030 Strategy Committee today having come to the conclusion that the draft Strategy is woefully inadequate to meet the social and environmental challenges we face.   The soon-to-be-published draft 2030 Strategy serves as a follow-up to Food Wise 2025, and rather than drive […]

The Environmental Pillar cautiously welcomes Brexit Deal

The Environmental Pillar has given a cautious welcome to the news that a deal has been reached between the UK and the European Union on the future relationship. Over the coming weeks the Pillar will be examining the text in detail to ensure that our common environmental standards, monitoring and enforcement are adequately provided for. […]

Local community representation crucial for Forestry Policy group

IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Local community campaigns must have a voice on the newly formed Forestry Policy group in order to meet the industry’s pressing challenges.  Groups such as Save Leitrim, Save Cavan and Save Kerry have been at the forefront in calling for an improved forestry model. The Environmental Pillar, the Sustainable Water Network, BirdWatch Ireland, […]

Ag Climatise is a roadmap for business-as-usual damage to climate

IMMEDIATE RELEASE  The recently published Ag Climatise roadmap by the Department of Agriculture perpetuates business-as-usual practices that will continue to wreak havoc on our environment and prevent us from meeting our climate targets.  This is the warning from the Environmental Pillar, Ireland’s leading coalition of environmental groups, who are calling for a transformative, ambitious, and […]

EPA's clarion call for action welcome

25 November 2020  The clarion call to action from the Environmental Protection Agency today has been wholeheartedly welcomed by Ireland’s leading coalition of environmental organisations.  The Environmental Pillar has a longstanding history of advocating for a unified policy response to our ongoing climate and biodiversity crises, and we have witnessed time and time again that […]

Fundamental Flaws in Climate Bill must addressed in pre-legislative scrutiny

The Environmental Pillar is pleased to see the Bill strengthen the State’s commitment to climate action, and particularly welcomes the proposed inclusion of biodiversity expertise on future Climate Change Advisory Councils. The Pillar has stressed that the twin crises of climate and biodiversity are deeply interlinked and must be addressed simultaneously.

New agri-food policy must shift away from intensive practices

IMMEDIATE RELEASE  This World Food Day, the Environmental Pillar and the Sustainable Water Network (SWAN) are demanding that an immediate shift away from intensive agricultural practices take place in the State’s new agri-food policy.  Both organisations have expressed serious concerns that the State is rushing the development of Ireland’s new 2030 Agri-Food Strategy, which will […]

Forestry Bill fails to solve the sector's problems

IMMEDIATE RELEASE The current Forestry Bill set to go before the Dáil today fails to solve the multi-faceted problems the sector faces, Ireland’s largest coalition of environmental groups has warned.  The Environmental Pillar has stressed that the Bill is being rushed through and will limit the public’s capacity to appeal forestry decisions. It proposes permanent […]

Biodiversity, climate and just recovery must be prioritised in 2021 budget

IMMEDIATE RELEASE  The State must prioritise the biodiversity and climate crises in its 2021 budget and ensure that all measures taken to address them are done through the lens of a Just and Ecological Recovery.  Last year the Dáil declared a biodiversity and climate emergency because of the very poor status of much of Ireland’s […]

Waste Action Plan for a Circular Economy an "important first step"

IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Ireland’s leading environmental coalition welcomed the publication of the Waste Action Plan for a Circular Economy today and has called it an “important first step” in ensuring cross-sector waste reduction.  The Environmental Pillar is pleased to see key commitments that we have advocated for in relation to waste management, including the reduction of […]

Minister Hackett’s consultation for Forestry must be reconsidered

14 August 2020  IMMEDIATE RELEASE  The consultation process initiated to restrict appeals for forestry decisions must be reconsidered along with the Minister’s priorities to address issues in the forestry system. This is the call from Ireland’s leading environmental coalition, The Environmental Pillar, who have written to the Minister of State for Land Use and Biodiversity, […]

Environmental Pillar response to the published Programme for Government.

During the General Election, the Environmental Pillar, a leading environmental coalition of 32 members, published a 10-point blueprint for all parties to show they are serious about turning the tide on climate action and reversing the worrying trend of biodiversity loss in Ireland [1]. We are pleased to see some key critical policy developments that […]

Environmental coalition welcomes inclusion of Green New Deal, Climate and Biodiversity in Framework for Government: There Can Be No Return to Business as Usual

For Immediate Release The Environmental Pillar, a coalition of over 30 national environmental groups, welcomes the prioritisation of the Green New Deal, together with action on climate and biodiversity in the Framework for Government document published by Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil on 14 April 2020. A just and fair recovery, which puts communities, nature […]

Draconian Fine Gael policy would kill access to justice rights

Immediate Release Fine Gael proposals to limit access to justice rights for citizens and environmental groups to challenge poor planning decisions is out of line with European and international human rights law, the Environmental Pillar warned today. The comments from Ireland’s largest environmental coalition come as the public consultation on the controversial General Scheme for […]

General Election: 10 point blueprint for a climate and nature friendly future

Immediate Release Ireland leading environmental groups have outlined a 10-point blueprint for election candidates to follow if they are serious about protecting nature and turning the tide on climate in the next Dail. For Election 2020, the Environmental Pillar – a coalition of over 30 national environmental NGOs – is asking candidates to step up […]

Environmentalists raise alarm over access to justice killing legislation

IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Government is trying to push through a draconian Bill before next year’s impending election that would kill access to justice rights on environmental issues, warns the Environmental Pillar. The comments from Ireland’s leading environmental coalition come in the wake of the hushed launch on Monday of a very short public consultation over […]

Minister Creed must end overfishing or risk fisheries closures

November 27th, 2019 IMMEDIATE RELEASE Inaction to ensure sustainable fishing levels has created a situation where significant cuts in quotas and even closure of fisheries must now be considered to meet the EU’s binding 2020 deadline to end overfishing. This is the warning from the Environmental Pillar in a submission to the Department of Marine […]

Environmental groups outline shock at proposed planning Bill

IMMEDIATE RELEASEIreland’s leading environmental coalition is shocked at the Minister for Housing’s attempt to press for new planning legislation that would make it near impossible to challenge planning decisions in the courts and hold public authorities and the Government to account. The Environmental Pillar – a coalition of national environmental organisations – learned over the […]

Budget 2020: Climate ambition still lacking

Immediate Release Ireland’s largest environmental coalition has said it is disappointed that Budget 2020 has failed to show the level of urgency required to deal with the climate emergency we are facing, While there were some positives (discussed below), the Environmental Pillar – which had called for a €20 bump in the carbon tax – […]