Press Release: Environmental organisations welcome recommendation of Oireachtas Committee to ban fracking

Environmental organisations welcome the recommendation of the Oireachtas’ environmental Committee to ban fracking in the Republic of Ireland. The Environmental Pillar welcomes the decision to support a prohibition on fracking in a report launched by the Joint Committee on Communications, Climate Action and Environment today. The Environmental Pillar – a coalition of 26 Irish environmental […]

Press Release: Environmental organisations deeply concerned at water charges debate

Environmental organisations are deeply concerned at the absence of a set charge for excessive water use in the pending report on the Future Funding of Domestic Water Services. The Environmental Pillar also believes that the Oireachtas Committee’s proposal for penalties for excessive water use will do next to nothing to curb wastage. The committee has […]

Press Release: Over 80 Irish civil society groups, including unions, farmers and business owners, are calling on MEPs to reject the EU Canada trade deal

A coalition of Irish farmers, environmentalists, trade unionists, global justice groups and small business organisations have called on MEPs to oppose the EU Canada trade deal known as CETA. [1]   The groups co-signed a letter to members of a European Parliament committee [2] calling for rejection of the deal earlier this week.   The trade deal […]

Press Release: Over 450 European and Canadian civil society groups urge legislators to reject CETA

PRESS RELEASE Over 450 public interest groups from across Europe and Canada today urged legislators to vote against the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). The Environmental Pillar, a coalition of 28 Irish environmental NGOs, also joined the call for politicians to reject this trade deal. We have joined forces to defend people and planet […]

Press Release: Environmental groups concerned that EU Parliament will not be allowed to scrutinise the CETA trade deal with Canada

PRESS RELEASE Today a resolution to seek an opinion from the European Court of Justice on the compatibility of CETA with EU Treaties [1] was rejected by the European Parliament. The push to fast-track the controversial CETA trade deal continues with both the EU Trade Committee and the Conference of the Presidents over the last […]

Press Release: Climate change IS the challenge of our generation but Budget 2017 falls FAR short of what is needed

Budget 2017 may have brought measures to move Ireland’s transport and energy sectors towards a low carbon future but action across all areas of policy is needed to put the country on a sustainable path. The Environmental Pillar, an advocacy coalition of 28 national environmental charities, are calling Budget 2017 a missed opportunity to prepare […]

Taxing environmentally damaging practices and giving the money back through investment should be a key initiative of Budget 2017

Environmental groups are calling on the government to tax environmentally damaging practices to change behaviour and raise government revenue. Three simple measures, a levy on single-use items, a levy on the aggregates, and a levelling of the excise duty on petrol and diesel, would net the government in the region of €415m every year.* And […]

Press Release: Routine hedge-cutting during the month of August remains an offence under the Wildlife Act

For immediate release The existing prohibition on cutting ANY hedgerows between March 1st and August 31st is an offence under the Wildlife acts, unless exempted The Environmental Pillar are reiterating that the cutting of hedgerows remains illegal during the month of August, and are calling for existing wildlife laws to be upheld and enforced. Almost 20,000 people have signed a […]

Press Release: New European Climate Change targets let Ireland off the hook but they will not keep global warming below 1.5C target

More regular flooding, aggressive storms and drought will be outcome of watering down our climate targets.    New European Climate Change targets have been revealed today and they have made it easier for Ireland because of how emissions and carbon is accounted for. The Environmental Pillar, a coalition of 28 Irish national environmental NGOs, warns […]

New report shows Irish agriculture is neither 'climate-smart' nor sustainable

Irish cattle less climate-efficient than European average and emissions per head up from 1990 The Environmental Pillar and Stop Climate Chaos and have published a new report titled “Not So Green: Debunking the Myths around Irish Agriculture”. Drawing heavily on scientific evidence, the report challenges government and industry claims and shows that Ireland’s current agriculture and […]

Environmental Pillar welcomes moves to place levies on disposable containers, but calls for further action.

The Environmental Pillar welcomed the proposals by officials in the Department of the Environment to Minister Coveney, to take measures to tackle the twin issues of litter and waste while also providing some extra revenue for the Environment Fund.
“By placing a cost on single use items we can encourage consumers and vendors to think about what will happen to the item when they are finished using it.” “We need to change the way that people think about ‘disposable’ packaging.” said Mindy O’Brien of VOICE, speaking on behalf of the Environmental Pillar.

Environmental Pillar brings positive message to National Economic Dialogue.

Representatives of the Environmental Pillar will speak at the National Economic Dialogue about their vision for a resilient circular economy, based on Sustainable Development Goals – which can bring a strong buoyant economy with fairness and benefits for all. “We have to build our economy on solid foundations. This means reducing and ultimately eliminating the […]

Press Release: Environmental Pillar tells National Economic Dialogue: A sustainable economy can only be built on environmentally sound foundations, and reminds Taoiseach that the Sustainable Development Goals apply to Ireland as well as developing countries.

Speaking at the opening session of the National Economic Dialogue, Cillian Lohan of the Environmental Pillar spoke about reducing and ultimately eliminating the concept of waste from all sectors. He said: “Almost all materials can be reused or remanufactured, which not only is beneficial for our environment but also creates jobs and wealth amongst communities […]

Press Release: Environmental groups welcome the decision to re-include 'environment' in the title of a government department but warn that protecting wildlife must move to the department too

The Environmental Pillar welcomes the decision to include environment in the title of Minister Denis Naughton’s Department.   However the decision to leave National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) in another department could lead to the conservation of wildlife and habitats falling off the political agenda.   The title of the new department will now […]

Press Release: Taoiseach misses opportunity to reinstate the Department of the Environment

Today the Government have failed to restore the Department of the Environment despite public outcry over its abolition. Taoiseach Enda Kenny has announced the new Junior Ministers but did not take the opportunity to address the problem of splitting up the functions of the Department of the Environment. The Environmental Pillar, an advocacy coalition of […]

Press Release: Programme for Government falls far short of what Ireland needs to do to tackle climate change

The Programme for Government lacks the key clear goals we need to move our people and economy forward into a post carbon future.   The Environmental Pillar, an advocacy coalition of 28 Irish national environmental NGOs, does not believe that the Programme for Government goes far enough in tackling climate change and will force increasingly […]

Press Release: The loss of the Department of the Environment will damage Ireland's natural environment

The loss of a department responsible for the ‘Environment’ will damage Ireland’s natural environment. A healthy environment is essential to the well-being of the people of Ireland and to a thriving economy.   In the last 20 years Ireland has seen severe biodiversity loss, pressure on and pollution of water resources, and devastating impacts of severe […]

Press Release: Using nature, stopping poor development, and long-term planning are key to tackling flooding

The Environmental Pillar today publish a series of twenty measures which if implemented could help prevent the worst effects of flooding. As communities around Ireland continue to deal with the aftermath of this winter’s devastating floods, the Environmental Pillar is calling for immediate measures to be taken to protect communities now and into the future. […]

Press Release: Bill to ban fracking in Ireland welcomed by environmental groups

The Environmental Pillar welcome the introduction of a bill today to ban fracking in Ireland. The Environmental Pillar, which is made up of 28 national environmental NGOs, are calling on TDs to support the proposed law which will prohibit the use of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in the exploration or extraction of oil and gas in […]

Press Release: The Energy White Paper is an important step forward but we need to deliver a zero emission future faster

The Environmental Pillar welcome the publication today of the Energy White Paper which outlines a vision for an emission free future. The Environmental Pillar, which is made up of 28 national environmental groups, welcomes this as a first step in a road towards the end of the use of fossil fuels. With over 90 actions […]

Catastrophic winter flooding will increase with climate change unless we substantially change the way we use land

The Environmental Pillar is calling on the government to bring in substantive land use changes to protect communities from increasingly frequent high rainfall events.

Press Release: Taoiseach's stance that climate change is 'not a priority' is foolhardy and economically short-sighted

The Environmental Pillar are calling on the Taoiseach Enda Kenny to retract his statement that ‘climate change is not a priority’ and start to build a country and economy fit for the 21st century. The Environmental Pillar, an advocacy coalition made up of 28 national environmental NGOs, want the Taoiseach to accept that failing to […]

Press Release: Environmental groups call for native woodland scheme to be expanded to balance farm emissions

The Environmental Pillar welcome calls for the use of forestry on farms to balance carbon emissions from agriculture, in an effort to increase sustainability and protect livelihoods.

Press Release: An Taisce Dingle road appeal welcomed as decision could impact other cases

The Environmental Pillar welcome the decision of An Taisce to challenge the High Court ruling on the N86 road as it could have a substantial knock on impact. Today An Taisce – the National Trust for Ireland – announced that it intends to pursue its case regarding the N86 Dingle road to the Court of […]