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Coomhola Salmon Trust is a local observatory and education centre for salmon culture, and is working on the refurbishment of salmon breeding grounds in the Coomhola Valley. Coomhola Salmon Trust advocates the creation of greater awareness and public participation in the efforts to see more enlightened managment of landscapes and aquatic resources.

Coomhola Salmon Trust has produced the innovative and compelling ‘StreamScapes’ Aquatic & Biodiversity Education Programme since 1989 (see which is utilised throughout Ireland and internationally, hosts important freshwater biology research projects, and contributes to the development of the Integrated Catchment Management approach in support of Water Framework Directive implementation.

The Trust also provides training sessions for local schools and on-line information.

For more information on Coomhola Salmon Trust contact Mark Boyden via:
Telephone: 027 50453
Postal Address: Coomhola Salmon Trust, Coomhola Lodge, Bantry, Co. Cork
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