Policy Regarding the Setting up of a Coherent Network of Marine Protected Areas

The Environment Pillar is calling for urgent action to protect and restore marine habitats and biota including fish stocks around Ireland.  The Environmental Pillar welcomes the Marine Strategy Framework Directive as one of the key means to achieve this and urges that full timely implementation is now prioritised by government and stakeholders.
The Directive provides for a ‘coherent network of Marine Protected Areas’ (MPAs) to be set up – from regional sea (here OSPAR region), over All Ireland, to national and local level.
Follow the link below for the marine policy update for June 2014.
[button href=”https://environmentalpillar.ie/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Environmental-Pillar-Policy-on-Marine-Protected-Areas.docx” title=”Title” target=”blank” shape=”square, rounded, pill” size=”mini, small, regular, large, x-large, jumbo” ]Environmental Pillar Policy on Marine Protected Areas [/button]