Environmental Pillar welcome the passing of Climate Bill but warn real work still ahead

The Environmental Pillar welcomes the passing of the Climate Bill but warns that we need a solid emissions reduction plan in place now.
Today the Climate Action and Low Carbon Bill 2015 passed Dáil Éireann. This is the culmination of many years of campaigning from Irish environmental groups.
The Environmental Pillar, an advocacy coalition of 28 Irish Environmental NGOs, is now calling on the government to put in place a solid plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions across Ireland’s economy.
Ireland is not on track to meet our 2020 EU emissions target and we badly need a national action to develop the concrete steps that will make the vision of the Bill a reality.
More than ever we need a strong vision of Ireland’s energy future as we move away from fossil fuels. We need policies that empower households and local communities to make the transition.
Theresa O’Donohoe, spokesperson for the Environmental Pillar, said:
“It’s good to see progress in our commitment to action on climate change. More than ever we need to act. We need an action plan to reduce emissions that is immediate, meaningful and persistent. The lack of targets in the Bill is disappointing but it can be counter balanced by a strong mitigation plan which delivers the strong actions required to transition to a low emissions world. We must move towards a lifestyle that protects, supports and nurtures the environment that sustains us. “
“The passing of this bill is a watershed moment in Ireland’s fight against climate change but we must now ask ourselves some hard questions. What future do we want our children and theirs? Do we want them to live in a world with escalating refugee crises? Do we want them to live with extreme weather as the norm? Are we happy that the government today is doing enough to consider our children and grandchildren? Long term thinking is something that needs to be incorporated in Irish politics, our temporary and permanent government. It’s not enough to consider it someone else’s problem.”
Image Credit: Stop Climate Chaos and Friends of the Earth ‘Head in the Sand’ photo shoot taken earlier this year it protest at government delay in passing the Climate Bill.