Environmental representatives wanted. Deadline Extended!

The following SPC Schemes are now closed to expressions of interest for nomination,  however if you are interested in being part of a local environmental network please contact Michael Ewing michael@environmentalpillar.ie Expressions of interest are still welcome for  the following SPCs

  • Waterford County and Waterford City


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Invitation for expressions of interest from people willing to represent the Environment on SPCs Following the incorporation of the Environmental Pillar into Social Partnership, the new Strategic Policy Committees (SPCs) being set up by Local Authorities for the 2009 – 2014 period will include Environmental representatives appointed by the Environmental Pillar. Members of environmental groups willing to volunteer their time and knowledge to sit on Strategic Policy Committees as representatives of the Environment  should email expressions of interest to: Michael Ewing, Environmental Pillar Coordinator, michael@ien.ie


How to Apply

Please send an email to: Michael Ewing, Environmental Pillar Coordinator, michael@ien.ie Your email should include

  1. a description of the qualities that you feel would make you suitable for this role,
  2. a short CV and the name of your County/City Council (in all a maximum of one page of A4, type face Tahoma, 12 point).

For more detail on the work, time commitment and terms of reference please see below.

The role of a Local Environmental Representative on an SPC

A person who is nominated to represent environmental issues will be expected to:

  • Promote the protection and enhancement of the environment, in all its aspects and in all considerations
  • Promote the application of the precautionary principle to all decision-making
  • Promote the concept of sustainability1 and resilience building in all decision-making
  • Consult with and report to his/her local environmental group and networks, as well as keeping the Coordinator of the Environmental Pillar informed of any major issues arising

It is intended to encourage the establishment of an environmental forum in every local authority district, and the representative would be required to consult with and report to this forum when it is established. The Work The representative is a person who will do their best to protect and enhance the environment by ensuring that decisions and proposals made are socially, environmentally and economically sustainable. The representative on an SPC would be expected to attend about 4 meetings a year.  Travel expenses within the county may be refunded by the local authority concerned. As an SPC member you would be required to operate under Standards In Public Office (SIPO) guidelines The Qualities Required The nominees must:

  • Belong to a group that has the protection of the environment as its main aim. Ideally, nominees should be members of NGOs that are part of the Environmental Pillar.
  • Have a good understanding of a range of environmental issues
  • Be willing to consult and report with their own local environmental groups and networks

The nominees should have the following: Assertiveness; good communication skills, written and oral; good social skills; team-working skills; good sense of humour; diplomatic skills; reasonable computer skills; and be organised/disciplined in their engagement with the processes involved. Support from the Pillar The Environmental Pillar through its Coordinator and wider membership will provide a resource in terms of expertise and guidance where appropriate.  As the Pillar develops policy documents these will also be available as a resource.  Periodic training sessions may also be organised contingent on available resources.