Green Economy Foundation

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Green Economy Foundation
[/tab][tab]Manch Project: Green Economy Foundation has been managing the Manch Estate since 2006. This is a private woodland estate of 320 acres leased by GEF to use as both an Education Centre and as a demonstration site for various unique national forestry trials.
We have carried out research on the estate, opened up access to our growing membership and hosted Open Days to highlight some aspects of our work. Read more about the establishment of the GEF and the lessons learned along the way here.
Education Programmes: The Education Centre at The Gren Economy Foundation offers a wide range of courses from Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Third Level to Adult Education. We have a strong commitment to environmental education which promotes understanding from hands–on experience and activity. Information on our Course Programmes are here
For more information, visit the GEF homepage click here.

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[/tab][tab]Join as a member, volunteer, sponsor us or join an event – there are many ways to get involved with the GEF! Click here for more details.
Contact Details
Postal Address: GEF, Manch, Ballineen, Co. Cork
Telephone: +353 123 456 7890
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