Phil Hogan reveals true colours by delaying Climate Bill

The Environmental Pillar expressed disappointment at today’s announcement by the Minister for the Environment, Phil Hogan, that a Climate Change Bill is not a priority. This represents a significant backtrack on the Government’s commitment to deliver climate change legislation by 2012.
Commenting on behalf of the Pillar today, Tara Connolly, convenor of the Pillar’s Climate and Energy Working Group, said:
“This is paralysis by analysis. We are only 9 years away from our 2020 targets and we cannot wait another year to implement policies that reduce Ireland’s carbon emissions. The climate policy review by the Department of Environment clearly states that we will not meet our 2020 targets under current policies and measures. We need a Climate Change Bill to make sure this government and future governments don’t pass the buck”
Minister Hogan intends to seek concessions for the agricultural sector. He claimed that climate change concerns have to be balanced with food security in the context of an increasing global population.
Commenting on this on behalf of the Environmental Pillar, Molly Walsh of Friends of the Earth, also member of the Climate and Energy Working Group, said:
“With 7 billion people on earth, it is more important than ever that we reduce our carbon emissions. Ireland is never going to be the bread basket of the world and we must recognise the profound impacts that climate change will have on our food security. Inaction on climate change is a thread to food security, not action.”