Resource Efficiency Working Group

The purpose of the Resource Efficiency Working Group is to promote policies and actions to support the sustainable use of natural resources. Current major issues addressed are the Green Economy, Resource Efficiency Roadmap, regional waste management plans and extraction, harvesting and use of natural resources.

The following work plans are in order of their priority for the Resource Efficiency Working Group:

  • Green/Circular Economy: The objective is to ensure that the Environmental Pillar engages with policy makers at this critical stage of developing strategies for greening the Irish economy and all that that entails.
  • Resource Efficiency Roadmap: This objective is to analyse and comment on the government sponsored report on Ireland’s Resource Efficiency Roadmap that was released in January 2014.
  • The review and analysis of new regional waste management plans: All waste management plans are being reformulated in 2014 with 3 regional plans replacing the 11 existing plans. The Pillar must review these plans to ensure that adequate measures are taken to ensure increased separate waste stream collections and to fight efforts to use incineration as a preferred disposal mechanism.
  • Extraction, harvesting and use of Natural Resources: To ensure the work plan is being implemented over 6 meetings throughout the year.
Member Organisations and nominated persons participating in the Resource Efficiency Working Group:


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