Response to EPA Discussion Document on Proposal for Waste Water Treatment Inspection Plan

 The Environmental Pillar welcomes the opportunity to respond to the EPA consultation call ‘National Inspection plan for Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems discussion document.

The initial problem for our members is that, whilst it is possible to comment on the document, it is not possible to use this document to comment on the plan. The document is lacking in detail and would seem to fall between two stools. On the one hand it doesn’t have the necessary information to fully inform the general public as to the importance of the plan, its benefits to all, and its necessity.
On the other hand it doesn’t give sufficient detail for the critical analysis of the national inspection plan. As this document is likely to be the precursor of other documents and public information resources, it is important that it is comprehensive, well-structured and accessible. In its present form it falls short on the first two of these.
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