Submission on the Draft Green Public Procurement National Action Plan

There are two fundamental principles that need to be emphasised in developing this action plan in order for it to be both effective and transformative:

  1. It should be Sustainable Public Procurement
  2. It must involve everyone working in public authorities both in its development and its implementation

Sustainable Public Procurement, unlike green procurement, incorporates the three pillars of sustainable development – Social, Economic & Environmental, incorporating all aspects of Agenda 21, and recognising the fact that these three pillars are in fact totally integrated in human society.
In order for the policy to be effective and transformative it needs to involve all the staff of the public authorities both in its development and enactment.
Understanding and ownership of the principles of Sustainable Public Procurement by staff members will dramatically increase the likelihood that the desired outcomes will be achieved. Quick win standards are important to initiate the changes, but education and capacity building will ensure they go deeper and become institutionalised.
The desired objective of embedding sustainable practice into the supply chains will require a strong buy-in at all levels of governance, and the establishment of regular review processes to enable sharing of best practice and compliance.
The body of this submission is made up of a list of general recommendations based on the underlying principles above, followed by a series of specific recommendations on particular purchasing streams.
Download full submission:Environmental-Pillar-Submission-on-the-Draft-Green-Public-Procurement-National-Action-Plan July 2011