Tree Cover Working Group

[tab_nav type=”three-up” float=”none”][tab_nav_item active=”true” title=”Tree Cover Working Group”][tab_nav_item title=”Work plan”][tab_nav_item title=”Member Organisations”][/tab_nav][tabs][tab active=”true”]INFF scenic imageThe purpose of the Tree Cover Working Group is to promote Sustainable Forestry Management as set down by the Forest Principles attached to the Rio declaration on the environment 1992. Current tasks underway with the Tree Cover Working Groups are the development of Environmental Pillar Treecover Policy, the creation of treecover information leaflets, the critique of the new Forest, Products, and People National Forestry Plan and to lobby for an EU legally binding agreement on forests.
[/tab][tab]The following work plans are in order of their priority for the Tree Cover Working Group:

  • Development of Environmental Pillar Treecover Policy: The objective is to enhance and improve the Pillar Treecover policy document and develop a Pillar position on areas that require more detail like climate change/carbon sequestration in relation to trees, biodiversity, genetic resilience, diseases and pests, wind farms on public forest lands, wood energy and impacts on soil and water. They also seek to influence the proposed new Forestry Legislation, in line with Pillar Treecover policy objectives.
  • Creation of Treecover information leaflet series: Using the existing Treecover policy document, the objective is to create a series of information leaflets highlighting issues identified, continuing the work already started in the workplan of 2012 which produced a draft information leaflet on clearfelling.
  • Critique of the new Forest, Products, and People National Forestry Plan: The aim is to analyse and examine the relevance as well as the sustainability of the proposed National Forestry Plan, from an Environmental, Social, and Economic perspective. Focusing on soil, clearfelling and water impacts of the current forestry model as well as the economic pressures on forestry contractors who are tasked to deliver this plan.
  • Lobby for an EU Legally Binding Agreement on Forests: This objective is to promote awareness of the importance of the EU adopting a robust Legally Binding Agreement on forestry.

[/tab][tab]Member Organisations and nominated persons participating in the Tree Cover Working Group:
inff logo      Irish Natural Forestry Foundation: Cillian Lohan
forest friends logo          Forest Friends: Dermot Deering
CELT, Centre for Environmental Living and Training: Andrew St Ledger
CELT, Centre for Environmental Living and Training: Bob Wilson[/tab][/tabs]