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VOICE (Voice of Irish Concern for the Environment) is a member organisation advocating on the wise use of natural resources, environmentally-sound waste prevention and management practices and measures to protect and conserve water.[/tab][tab]Food Waste: VOICE has been the environmental leader in promoting actions to reduce food waste on a national and local basis.

  • Primary organiser of the Feeding the 5,000 Dublin public awareness event where we fed 5,000 people a free vegetable curry made with vegetables and ingredients that would have been rejected by supermarkets.  During the day we had cooking demonstrations, free ‘ugly vegetables’ and short-dated products, apple pressing and an information tent.  www.feeding5kdublin.org


  • Trainer in the Stop Food Waste Challenge, working with families to educate how to reduce waste and save money.
  • Developer of ‘Food Rescue’, a local initiative to facilitate the organisation of local mini-feeding the 5,000 events with local businesses, farmers, schools and environmental champions to host dinners/meals made from ‘rescued’ food.  This will be a fun event which will be different for each locality according to the organisers.  Activities that could be included are for example cooking demonstrations, kids activities, educational talks, school programmes, menu sharing and left-over food recipe competitions.
  • Water quality protection and conservation: VOICE is also the founder and active member of  Sustainable Water Network (SWAN, www.swanireland.ie).   Currently, we are initialising investigations on the licensing, monitoring and enforcement of water discharge permits currently issued by local authorities, participating in the Irish Water Stakeholders Forum and investigating the potential impacts of fracking on Irish water sources.

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