Posters for Elections

Download A4 posters here.

Download A5 posters here.

How to use:

  1. Print off your chosen poster and display in your window for candidates to see.
  2. When canvassers come to the door, ask them what their candidate will do for the climate if they are elected. Have a conversation with them about environmental issues that you care about.
  3. For added reach, post a picture of your door and poster online, and ask your candidates how they will #Act4Climate.

OR reach more people through individual or group action:

  1. Print off a number of posters
  2. Brainstorm some questions related to local environmental issues
  3. Write some example questions that people in the area can ask candidates
  4. Go door to door and have conversations with your neighbours.
  5. Ask them if they would like a poster to display in their window, a list of example questions, and if they would ask their candidates about environmental issues when they come knocking.

Download a complete ‘How to’ guide with sample tweets and examples of questions to ask your candidates here.