Local Networks

Public Participation Networks

A New Road to Local Participatory Democracy – real involvement in local government

Public Participation Networks are open for any not-for-profit or charity group to join. It’s completely free to do so and they provide many benefits and opportunities for your group and your community.
The PPNs were created to allow the voice of the community to be heard and have an affect on local decision making and policy. Your PPN provides the following benefits:

Benefits of the PPN:

  • Information: Be kept informed of what is happening in your county. Be kept up to date with local funding opportunities, public consultations, events and more.
  • Funding: In most counties LEADER and SICAP funding are allocated through the PPN.
  • Influence local decision making: Members of your group can put themselves forward to sit on the secretariat, the LCDC, SPCs or Linkage Groups. From here there is huge potential through these systems to make a difference in local policy. This is the main function of the PPNs. You can represent the voice of your community at local decision making levels. Members who work within these committees have done brilliant work by bringing forward motions, ensuring positive amendments be included in certain polocies and halting or changing policies that are not in the interests of their community.
  • Communication: The PPNs are a network of voluntary groups. Through this network all of these groups can communicate. Member groups have held great events with the help of the PPN, from collaborative workshops and environmental showcases, to expert submissions to public consultations and the creation of public amenities such as orchards and tree trails.

The following links are external and will bring you to the Homepage of the relevant PPN.

History of the PPNs

The report that instigated the establishment of the PPNs can be accessed here:

 Criteria for Membership of PPN Environmental College

There are three electoral colleges within each PPN; Environmental, Social Inclusion and Community&Voluntary. To be eligible to join the PPN as an environmental group, your group’s main focus should be environmental/ecological protection or sustainability.

See the Criteria document below which outlines the types of groups that may be eligible, as well as a list of automatically eligible groups.

If your group is not on the automatically eligible list we would ask that you complete the Community Groups Eligibility Form below.

For an editable version download the word file here: Community Groups Eligibility Form – Jan 2024



Local Environmental Networks

Local environmental networks (LENs) are made up of individuals and groups with interests in a wide range of environmental issues. They provide a central hub around which people from a given county can gather, discuss projects, ask for help, create change and become involved in their local Public Participation Network.

All around the country LENs are being used to bring people together, create meaningful projects for the local community and impact the wider surroundings.

To find your local network please visit www.LEN.ie. This website also includes resources for creating and managing a network, as well as resources for interacting with your Public Participation Network.