Fully funded Marine Protected Areas necessary to protect our seas and provide clarity Environmental Pillar tells National Economic Dialogue

The Environmental Pillar, Ireland’s environmental NGO advocacy coalition, is calling for fully funded Marine Protected Areas amounting to €55 million over four years (1) at the National Economic Dialogue 2024 which is taking place in Dublin Castle today. Ireland is one of more than 190 countries committed to protecting or conserving at least 30 percent […]

Nature Restoration Law supported by 75% of citizens in countries not backing the law

EU Member States not supporting the Nature Restoration Law are at odds with public opinion. This is the result of a poll conducted in the Netherlands, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Poland, and Sweden, which shows that three out of four citizens are in favour of the legislation, as pressure mounts on Member States to adopt the […]

Time to get the Nature Restoration Law across the line

Environmental Pillar welcomes intervention by EU Environment Ministers supporting the law The Environmental Pillar, Ireland’s environmental NGO advocacy coalition, has welcomed the intervention by EU environment ministers supporting the Nature Restoration Law to have the law approved at the upcoming Environment Council meeting on June 17th. In a letter to Environment Ministers of non-signatory Member […]

Environmental Pillar welcomes IFA call for Environment Fund

The Environmental Pillar has welcomed the call from the Irish Farmers’ Association in its election manifesto for a  separate EU environment fund, in addition to the CAP, to support environmental action on farms. The Environmental Pillar has been consistent in its calls for new funding in addition to CAP to empower farmers to restore nature, […]

Climate and Environment must remain key EU priorities – Environmental Pillar urges Taoiseach

The Environmental Pillar, Ireland’s environmental NGO advocacy coalition, is calling on the Taoiseach to ensure that climate action and the environment are maintained as key priorities for the EU when he meets with his counterparts at the Brussels informal Council Meeting today. Following a leak suggesting that the core priority of creating a climate-neutral, green, […]

Environmental Pillar welcomes passing of the Nature Restoration Law in EU Parliament

But now the real work begins for Ireland and Europe to implement the measures necessary to protect nature and biodiversity Fintan Kelly, Agriculture and Land Use Policy and Advocacy Officer with the Environmental Pillar, said: “The passing of the Nature Restoration Law by the European Parliament in Strasbourg today is a historic day for Europe. […]

BirdWatch Ireland, An Taisce and Environmental Pillar urge public to get behind their “Save the Skydancer” Campaign in light of stark Hen Harrier decline

“Save the Skydancer” campaign aims to highlight the nearing of the Hen Harrier’s national extinction and call for urgent action. Public urged to make submission to draft Hen Harrier Threat Response Plan public consultation before 5 p.m. on February 20th, 2024 February 8, 2024 For immediate release Without urgent action, we may have just 25 […]

National Survey highlights dramatic collapse in Ireland’s Hen Harrier population

Environmentalists dismayed as government plan to save iconic upland bird has been appropriated by industry The Hen Harrier is an iconic bird of Ireland’s uplands. It is one of Ireland’s most studied species and in theory one of its most protected. Despite this it is now one of Ireland’s most threatened birds. This is according to […]

Committee report on Citizens’ Assembly on Biodiversity Loss welcome but implementation is key – Environmental Pillar

The Environmental Pillar welcomes the report from the Joint Oireachtas Committee on the Environment and Climate Action on the recommendations of the Citizens’ Assembly on Biodiversity Loss but has stressed that rapid implementation of measures proposed is vital to address the worsening biodiversity crisis in Ireland. In particular, the Environmental Pillar, Ireland’s environmental NGO advocacy […]

A giant of Ireland’s environmental movement

The Irish environmental movement has lost another of its champions and passionate advocates with the sad passing of Michael Ewing. One of Ireland’s great environmentalists, he played a central role in the movement and was a leading figure in the Irish Environmental Network and Environmental Pillar for many years. In 2008, he was employed by […]

Sustainable Water Network and Environmental Pillar meets with Commissioner Sinkevičius and urges him to stay the course on Nitrates Derogation

The Sustainable Water Network (SWAN) and the Environmental Pillar (1) at a meeting with Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevičius today urged him to stick with the decision to reduce Ireland’s derogation limit to 220 kg nitrogen per hectare. “We impressed upon Commissioner Sinkevičius that we have reached a critical point in tackling water quality in Ireland,” said […]

Environmental Pillar and Sustainable Water Network urgently seeks meeting with Commissioner Sinkevičius on Nitrates Derogation

The Environmental Pillar and the Sustainable Water Network (SWAN) are urgently seeking a meeting with Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevičius to discuss Ireland’s Nitrates Derogation during his visit to Ireland on Nov 23rd. It is important that the Commissioner comes away from Ireland with a balanced and informed view of civil society’s attitude to the Commission’s position […]

Nature Restoration Law welcome but concerns over its scope and ambition – Environmental Pillar

The Environmental Pillar, Ireland’s environmental NGO advocacy coalition, has given a cautious welcome to the Nature Restoration Law which was agreed last night following negotiations between the EU Parliament, Commission and Council. But it still has concerns over concessions on the Commission’s original proposals and weaker targets in some areas. The new law sets a […]

Andrew St Ledger – A Fallen Oak

We are deeply saddened by the passing of our friend and colleague Andrew St Ledger. Andrew was an active member of our network and a passionate advocate for native woodland and the wider environment. His energy, enthusiasm, passion and knowledge about our native forests and his willingness to share that knowledge were legendary in the […]

Environmental Pillar welcomes €3 billion fund for climate and nature projects

The Environmental Pillar, Ireland’s environmental NGO advocacy coalition, has welcomed the commitment to a €3 billion fund for investing in climate and nature projects announced in Budget 2024. Oisín Coghlan, Environmental Pillar spokesperson and Director of Friends of the Earth Ireland said: “While not all we asked for, this is still a significant announcement and […]

Alarms ringing on delays and costs from changes in the planning bill – eNGOs

A guide published for the new Planning and Development bill approved by cabinet on Tuesday, has raised serious alarms already within the Environmental Pillar, an advocacy coalition of national eNGOs. The guide indicates “substantial modifications” will be made to the current rules on Judicial Review in the Planning and Development Act 2000, and outlines the changes. The new […]

Environmental Pillar calls for establishment of Climate and Nature Restoration Fund in Budget 2024

Press Release Monday 18th September 2023 Environmental Pillar calls for establishment of Climate and Nature Restoration Fund in Budget 2024 Budget must also prioritise protecting the most vulnerable while progressing to a safer environment The projected €65 billion surplus in the years ahead presents a unique opportunity for the establishment of a dedicated Climate and […]

Environmental Pillar Reaction to the European Parliament Vote on EU Nature Restoration Law

Today the European parliament voted to adopt an EU Nature Restoration Law. At the outset of today’s plenary vote the European Parliament voted against the rejection of the draft law in a tight vote. Irish MEPs’ votes were critical in the end as all thirteen voted against the rejection amendment in a vote where only […]

Rally Calls on Political Leaders to Support an Ambitious Nature Restoration Law

IMMEDIATE RELEASE 30 May 2023 A coalition of leading environmental organisations are rallying together from across Ireland in a call for political leaders to support an ambitious Nature Restoration Law. At the Rally to Restore Nature, scientists, activists, community leaders and other members of society will demand that restoration of nature be placed at the […]

Report exposes serious faults in Government backed Planning Bill

IMMEDIATE RELEASE 5 May 2023 The Environmental Pillar, an advocacy coalition of 32 environmental non-governmental organisations, is demanding that leaders in Government pause and re-evaluate their strategy on the proposed new Planning Bill1. Government must listen to and address the major concerns that have come forward from a diverse range of stakeholders on the delays, […]

Ireland’s Biodiversity at a Critical Juncture

The Citizens’ Assembly on Biodiversity Loss issued a final report today with 159 recommendations on how Ireland can improve its response to the biodiversity crisis. The report underscores the serious and chronic failure by the State to adequately fund and enforce existing laws to halt and reverse biodiversity loss.  The 99 members of the Citizens’ […]

Coillte, Bord Na Móna and other public bodies in urgent need of reform 
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IMMEDIATE RELEASE 16 February 2023 In a letter sent to Irish Ministers and other elected officials this week, the Environmental Pillar, Stop Climate Chaos Coalition and Sustainable Water Network called on the Government to amend mandates and legislation to ensure public bodies are fit to deliver on Ireland’s climate, biodiversity, and water objectives.  A lack […]

Government planning bill brings more dysfunction, delay and uncertainty for housing
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IMMEDIATE RELEASE 27 January 2023 Deeply troubling changes to Ireland’s planning legislation have been proposed by the Government with the publication of the Draft Planning and Development Bill 2022. The bill makes fundamental changes to the current system of access to justice in the Planning and Development Act 2000. If passed, the Bill would drastically […]

Only an ambitious Nature Restoration Law will deliver for Irish peatlands
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IMMEDIATE RELEASE 15 December 2022 A report from the Environmental Pillar highlights that a new EU law could present a golden opportunity for Ireland to meet its national commitments for peatland restoration while investing in farm communities to protect peatlands.  The proposed Nature Restoration Law contains a range of actions and targets to cut greenhouse […]