Environmental Pillar brings positive message to National Economic Dialogue.

Representatives of the Environmental Pillar will speak at the National Economic Dialogue about their vision for a resilient circular economy, based on Sustainable Development Goals – which can bring a strong buoyant economy with fairness and benefits for all.
    • “We have to build our economy on solid foundations. This means reducing and ultimately eliminating the concept of waste from all sectors. Almost all materials can be reused or remanufactured, which not only is beneficial for our environment but also creates jobs and wealth amongst communities in all parts of the country – from cities to rural villages. A Circular economy in Ireland will create resilience and will have opportunities for all sectors and parts of the country” Said Cillian Lohan
  • “Ireland can have true sustainable growth by integrating the Sustainable Development Goals, which the Taoiseach recently signed up to in New York, into an economy that prepares for the challenge that climate change brings.” Said Mindy O’Brien
  • “A Strategic Framework for Investment in Land Transport must be written in the context of a national policy in relation to the transition to a low-carbon economy” said Michael Ewing
  • “We have to plan now to meet our commitments to climate targets” said Oisin Coghlan who continued: “The financial costs to Ireland of a failure to meet these is incalculable.”
  • “There is massive potential for low-impact walking/cycling based tourism in Ireland which would tie in with our quality food and drinks industries.” Said Michael Ewing
  • “By building all new houses to ‘passive-house’ standard – which is possible at no cost to the buyer, purchasers will be protected from rising fuel costs and this will go towards meeting our climate commitments. The potential for employment in retrofitting our current housing stock is enormous” said Charles Stanley Smith
  • “Ireland faces significant challenges in meeting our national and international environmental targets for biodiversity, air and water quality; and our agriculture sector must play a key role in meeting these targets. The aim of Foodwise 2025 has to be revisited in light of international developments and refocused to meet the challenges of climate change and the recent Brexit decision. “, said Andrew St Ledger.
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