Environmental Pillar Budget 2024 Submission

The government stands at a significant crossroads, armed with a projected €65 billion surplus in the years ahead. This surplus presents a unique opportunity to future-proof Ireland with the establishment of a dedicated Climate and Nature Restoration Fund of €8bn to ensure that necessary investments in both climate and nature seen and unforeseen are guaranteed. […]

Irish agriculture policies
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How to send in your submission on the Agri-Food 2030 Strategy

How we use our land is one of the most important decisions our representatives make. It has long-standing consequences for the climate, nature, and our water and air quality.  The newly drafted Agri-Food 2030 Strategy is a key blueprint for our land use and it comes at the most important crossroads our planet has ever […]

Three environmental coalitions launch policy recommendations that could transform Irish agriculture

IMMEDIATE RELEASE Three leading environment and climate coalitions today published policy recommendations that could transform agriculture in Ireland, the sector with the most significant impacts on climate, biodiversity and water.  Towards a New Agricultural and Food Policy for Ireland is the fruit of over 70 organisations’ collective labour and expertise, and was jointly published today […]


Please find below the Environmental Pillar’s submissions on the 2030 Agri-Food Strategy: The Environmental Pillar Interventions to the Agri-Food 2030 Strategy Committee meeting on 12 March 2020 The Environmental Pillar’s Submission on Chapter 10 of the Agri-Food Strategy 2030on 30 June 2020 The Environmental Pillar’s submission on SEA Scoping report and AA Screening statement for […]

Environmental Pillar and Stop Climate Chaos Submission on Ag Climatise

The Environmental Pillar and Stop Climate Chaos put in a joint submission on Ag Climatise in January 2020. Read our full submission: Stop Climate Chaos and Environmental Pillar Submission Ag Climate and Air roadmap

The Climate Action (Amendment) Bill 2020

The Environmental Pillar welcomed the publication of the Climate Bill in October of this year, and closely followed its pre-legislative scrutiny proceedings before the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Climate Action. In our submission on this Bill, we outline 12 areas which we believe must be changed and corrected in order to make the Bill fit […]

Fundamental Flaws in Climate Bill must addressed in pre-legislative scrutiny

The Environmental Pillar is pleased to see the Bill strengthen the State’s commitment to climate action, and particularly welcomes the proposed inclusion of biodiversity expertise on future Climate Change Advisory Councils. The Pillar has stressed that the twin crises of climate and biodiversity are deeply interlinked and must be addressed simultaneously.

Disbelief as Green ministers hand nature protection to Housing Department

BirdWatch Ireland, Irish Wildlife Trust, Friends of the Earth, An Taisce, SWAN and the Environmental Pillar make joint call to #BringNatureHome Leading environmental NGOs have expressed disbelief at the new Government’s proposal to move responsibility for nature to the Department of Housing. Before the election, environmental campaigners called for responsibility for nature, water, waste and […]

Waste Action Plan for a Circular Economy

The Department of Climate Action is seeking views on the development of a new Waste Action Plan as part of the move to a more Circular Economy where resources are kept in use for as long as possible and then recycled or reused at the end of their service life.  The Environmental Pillar welcomes the […]

Housing and Planning and Development Bill 2019

The Pillar’s detailed submission for the public consultation outlines our members’ core concerns with the proposed legislation, in particular the fact that the Bill proposes to: • Make it near impossible for ordinary people, citizens groups and environmental NGOs to qualify to get into the Court to take a challenge in the first place; [5] […]

Submission on Proposed Environmental Levies

In November 2019, the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment open public consultation for views in relation to the proposed introduction of a range of environmental levies. Proposals include a coffee cup levy, a waste recovery levy and increases to the existing plastic bag and landfill levies, aimed at encouraging positive environmental behavioural change […]

Environmental coalition welcomes Green Wave washing over Ireland

The Green wave across European and local elections is a clear signal that Irish people want urgent action to tackle the climate and biodiversity crises, Ireland’s largest environmental coalition has said. The Environmental Pillar said today that it was a heartening experience for its member organisations to see the Irish people vote en masse for […]

Fine Gael's Green Week more spin than substance

IMMEDIATE RELEASE Fine Gael’s attempt to piggy-back on Heritage Week to burnish their environmental credentials is a clear attempt to paper over gaping holes in their environment and climate policy says a coalition of Ireland’s leading environmental NGOs. To mark the kick-off of his party’s Green Week, the Tánaiste Simon Coveney TD popped up on social media this […]

BUDGET 2018: Environmentalists support SocDems call for plastic tax

Immediate Release Ireland’s leading environmental coalition welcomes the Social Democrats inclusion of a levy on single-use and non-recyclable plastics in the party’s pre-Budget submission. Launched this morning, the party’s submission states that the two environmental levies would bring in €2 million in revenue, while also helping reduce the use of plastics across society. [1] The […]

PRESS RELEASE: Higher diesel excise a step towards the inevitable ban on diesel and petrol cars

Ireland’s leading environmental coalition has repeated its call for the State to increase excise rates for diesel as a progressive step towards the inevitable ban on the internal combustion engine. The Environmental Pillar – a coalition of 26 national environmental organisations – also welcomes the UK’s decision to ban the sale of all diesel and […]

Creating Sustainable Employment by Greening the Economy

A green economy should be a driver of competitiveness, security of supply and sustainability and should encorporate the economy as a whole.The Action Plan for Jobs 2012 includes a commitment to produce a Green Economy Plan during the third quarter of 2012. The UNEP definition of a Green Economy as one that results in “improved human well-being […]

Submission on the Report on Public Service Numbers and Expenditure Programmes

Ireland faces two major and interlinked crises, firstly an environmental one and secondly an economic one. Whilst it is clear that a very serious economic crisis is upon us, with unfortunately many thousands of people unemployed, the consequences of rapid climate change and general environmental degradation are likely to be far worse. [button href=”https://environmentalpillar.ie/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Environmental-Pillar-Submission-on-the-Report-of-the-Special-Group-on-Public-Service-Numbers-and-Expenditure-Programmes.pdf” title=”Title” […]