Nama Workshop Videos – Constantin Gurdgiev

Constantin Gurdgiev Presentation

  • Why can’t we let the banks fail?
  • Why we should have State ownership.
  • Problem with NAMA legislation.
  • Zombie banks are likely with NAMA, no credit flow
  • Two incentives. pay short term debts, keep money as capital reserve
  • Higher banks charges likely after NAMA
  • Creation of a zombie development market after NAMA
  • Lowest expected cost to taxpayer
  • Five to ten years of economic stagnation and emigration
  • Commission on Taxation Report
  • NAMA: Who pays, who benefits?
  • A Public Trust
  • How should bad loans be managed?
  • Public trust is not nationalisation
  • Taxpayers should be put ahead of shareholders
  • Countries that default: Argentina, Russia
  • What should the Green Party do about NAMA?